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About Us

"If we don't train today, there will be no skilled individuals in the future"

The Master Heavy Machinery Operator Training & Test Centre is one of the oldest and most reputed Training Centre, established in 2008 by Mr Dilawar Malik. Our professional abilities as well as facilities have popularized it widely as Centre of repute. These features are recognized by the leading companies in Pakistan & abroad, especially in Gulf. We have built this reputation with determination to conduct the test in fairest possible manner.

The Master Heavy Machinery Operator Training & Test Centre has been in existence for almost ten years now.

The Master Heavy Machinery Operator Training & Test Centre is currently accredited with NRSP, Plan Pakistan, and BISP, as well as several other bodies, for the execution of apprenticeships, learnerships, summative assessments, Heavy Machinery training and lifting operator training. We feel justifiably proud of the training experience and competency of our staff.

Developed Countries has a massive skills shortage. One of the most exciting challenges facing the country is that of finding ways and means of upgrading the skills of the population in general, and the skills of those people who lack formal educational qualifications in particular. We need to train more people for a better future, not only for themselves individually, but for their companies and the industries in which they operate. 

We are confident that we have the necessary resources and competency to execute our programmes with ease for both individuals and corporate clients, most of whom will benefit from them. 

The Master has always been committed to skills training and development, we cultivate an awareness of environmental issues and strictly apply training and assessment methodologies.


“Closing the Gap”


To provide all our stakeholders with excellent training solutions and support through quality and flexible training interventions, while sustaining the highest business ethics.


Mission Purpose
 To operate as an essential part of our business partners’ operations.  We aim to do this through fostering strategic alliances  through the provision of high-class, low cost skills training, to ensure a win-win situation for all.


  • Integrity        
  • Honesty  
  • Transparency       
  • Quality       
  • Excellence       
  • Service

Training Philosophy
The Master acts as a training provider, gives direction, and provides specialist training to all its clients.


We believe -
In the development of all learners on an equal basis regardless of sex, age or race. We have a responsibility to provide expertise and opportunity to educate and develop our learners in a practical and viable way. That our training methods and processes are fair, valid, reliable and transparent. Each learner deserves the opportunity and resources to receive job-related and outcome-based training to enable him/her to do his/her job.
The Master Training. Your Accredited Training Provider of Choice


At The Master, we believe you learn best by doing the theory and not just learning it in a classroom! We proudly operate some of the largest training sites in Pakistan. Get the real world machine training you need to be ready to work confidently in an exciting career as an entry level Heavy Equipment Operator!

  • Rubbertire Backhoe
  •  Grader
  •  Loader
  •  Dozer
  •  Articulated Rock Truck
  •  Excavator
  •  Combination

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